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What is your hunter x Hunter Nen type?
Quiz published August 30, 2012 · 50,189 takers
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You're walking on the street, minding your own business, when suddenly, you get hit in the head, you turn around and you see a friend of yours smiling, it was pretty obvious that he was the one who hit you. How do you react? 
You are at home, preparing yourself to meet your crush and to confess to her. You are almost ready when the telephone rings, it's your best friend and he tells you that he needs your help as fast as possible. What do you do?
Today there's a very important test at school! What now?
Your on your way to... somewhere, and you spot a poor little kitty on the side walk, he looks hungry and is in bad shape... Well?
You bump into a boy/girl in the streets, making him/her drop all his/her stuff when you look, you can't look away (he/she was the most beautiful person you've ever seen!) "Is something wrong?" he/she asks.
You're having dinner with your parents, when they start to argue about something that doesn't really matters, you decide to ignore it but the fight starts to get serious. What now?

Now pay attention:

4137 + 382.6 +  1629.76 = ?

How did you solve it?

You're going to the gym for the first time, to work out, and you really want to cause a good impression on everyone, so you get in and what's your plan?
A couple of bullies is holding your best friend, they spot you and get a hold of you too, they say that they will let your friend go unharmed if you accept to get beaten up. What's the plan?
 Someone tells you everything about the six types of Nen. What power did you DISLIKE the most?

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