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How Much Do You Know About Exclamation Point (The Band)?
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Have you ever even heard of Exclamation Point? If not, here is one of their covers

Lets start with Paul, what's his favorite movie?
Favorite color?
Favorite sports?
What age was his first kiss?
How many brother/sisters does he have?
Paul drives a Honda Civic EX, what year model is it?
Favorite soda?
How old was he when he began to sing?
 How many bones has he broken in his lifetime?
 Favorite food?
 Switching to Danny, what's his favorite animal?
 How many brothers/sisters does he have?
 How long does it take for him to get ready in the morning?
 What size shoes does he wear?
 What brand of shoe is his favorite?
 When he was 2 years old, Danny fell out of a tree, breaking his what?
 What is the weirdest animal he ever tried to pet?
 What is his favorite type of candy?
 Favorite color?

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