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Talk To One Direction!
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Hello, Have you All enjoyed my Last Few Quizzes?
Harry: Hey Babe! Whats your name?X
Harry: Beautiful Name. Have you Listened to Live while we're young yet?X 
Harry: I have to go now, Sorry! Bye..
Louis: Hello Beautiful.
Louis: Who's your favourite Member in the band?X
Louis: I have to go Now. Here's Niall.
Niall: Hello Babe, You like nando's?

Niall: We're going to nandos, Im sorry byee.
Liam: I'll talk to her. Hello Beautiful!

Liam: What you doing Now?X 

Liam: Got to go Babe! Here's Zayn!
Zayn: Hello Babe.

 Zayn: Does My hair look Good?
 THE BOYS: We all have to go Now! Byeeee X
 Thankyou for taking my Quiz! Please comment, Heart or follow my twitter @becca_Liampayne Please x

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