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How Well Do You Know Hunter Hayes?
Knowledge Quiz published October 5, 2012 · 6,668 takers
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What is Hunter's middle name?
When was he born?
What is his favorite color?
Where was Hunter on August 14, 2011?
What is his hometown?
What was his first single?
What record label is he signed to?
What cologne does Hunter wear?
What award show did Hunter win his first award on?
 What two colors are typically associated with him?
 What is him album titled?
 How old was Hunter when he graduated high school?
 Where did he move in 2008?
 Who is his best friend?
 Girl as you make me feel...
 Which famous country female singer did he tour with in late 2011?
 Who did Hunter tour with in late 2012?
 What song did he release as a single in October 2012?
 When did his first, self-titled album come out?
 Which of his songs is coincidentally playing on the radio as I'm typing this? :)
 Hunter hates converse. 
 Hunter's band member  Matt Utterback plays which instrument?
 Hunter's band member Sam Ellis plays which instrument?
 Hunter's band member Devo Malone plays which instrument?
 Hunter's band member Steve Sinatra plays which instrument?
 Hunter's band member Andy Sheridan plays which instrument?
 Hunter's current bus is named...
 Where was Hunter on November 14, 2o13?

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