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Truth or Dare With Niall Horan!
Quiz published October 8, 2012 · 59,717 takers
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Niall: Hello beautiful! I'm so glad you could come, a pleasure to meet you! What's your name love?
Niall: You're so cute when you
(y/n):  What?
Niall: lol, nothing love. *smiles* Do you pick truth or dare?
(If you picked dare) Niall: Hmmm...Ok...May I have a kiss beautiful? *blushes*
(If you picked truth) Niall: umm, Truth, what do you think of me? *blushes and shyly smiles*
Niall: *giggles* my turn...
(y/n):truth or dare?
Niall: umm... dare *blush*
Niall: That was fun. I enjoyed it...
(y/n): me too...*blush*
Niall: *looks you in the eyes* I really like you...
Niall: *hugs you* hope to see you soon...bye...

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