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Do you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
Knowledge Quiz published October 9, 2012 · updated August 2, 2013 · 28,212 takers
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Do you often prefer right over left? Or left over right?
Are you afraid of certain numbers?
If you're putting on socks or shoes, do you always put on your left shoe/sock first? Or your right shoe/sock?
If someone else writes your name on a paper, and it's only your first name, when you write your last name, do you erase and re-write your first name?
Have you ever been doctor-prescribed for OCD?
Do you prefer saying yes over no? Or no over yes?
Do you prefer even numbers over odd? Or odd numbers over even?
If you walk into a room, and it's messy, do you have a compulsion to clean the room?
Say you're hitting something and creating a beat, and the beat's repetitive. Someone tells you to stop, do you have to finish the pattern of the beat?
 If you type a smiley face, do you type it a certain way? Like ":)" and never like "(:" Or like "(:" and never like ":)"?
 Say there is a pile of rocks in front of you. Half the rocks are blue. The other half are red. Do you want to separate the red and blue ones?
 You walk into a room with two different colored tiles as the flooring. Do you try your best to avoid one color of tiles?
 Say you're petting an animal. Do you count how many times you pet them?
 If you glance at a pill bottle, do you automatically want to read the label?
 Say you're looking at an abstract painting. Are you compelled to figure out something that the painting portrays?
 Say that abstract painting is just a bunch of lines mixed together. Do you get aggravated because it doesn't portray anything like words or a photo?
 If you're in the middle of something, do you get distracted easily?
 Say a person is wearing two very similar, but noticeably different, shades of a color. Does that annoy you?
 Do you repetitively click your pen on and off? Or take the cap off and put it back on again multiple times?
 Finally, do you believe you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

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