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Talking to One Direction :)
Quiz published October 22, 2012 · 1,235 takers
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Hello my lovely quiz takers! Ready for the interview?
Me: Hello Boys! I'd Like you to meet my friend ______.
Harry: Hello love. How's it going?
Me: Well Harry had to go he might be back later though. Niall this is _______. 
Liam: Niall is eating. Just sayin.
Me: Ohh... well, Liam, this is _______.
Liam: Hi love. How are you?
Me: NIALL GET YOUR BUT OVER HERE! urg, hehe sorry for shouting
Niall: Sorry love, hehe *blushes*
Me: awwee its ok Nialler *smiles* now this is my friend ______.
Niall: Oh! I didnt see you there beautiful, how are you?
Me: ZAYNIE where are you? *looks all around the room* 
Zayn: Umm Gabs? *pokes me*  Right here. 
Me: *looks behind* ahhhh :D there you are!
Zayn: *Rolls eyes* 
Me: *sticks out tongue* 
You: uh guys?
Me: ohhh sorry hehe this is ______.
Zayn: Hi beautiful!
Me: LOUIS! My carrot buddeh! Vas happenin?
Zayn: woah, MY line!
Me: hehe love you!
Louis: OMG GABS! i'm awesome
Me: No you're not don't lie *winks*
You: (not this again) GUYS!
Me: sowwy again  this is ______.
Louis: HI LOVE! what's up?
Me: OK GUYS! like we practised! 1,2,3..
All but you: HIPTHRUST!!!!! 
Me: Yeah! thats the way uh huh uh huh, I LIKE IT, uh huh uh huh
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