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What do the Avengers think of you?
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First Question.
What are people most likely to see you doing most of the day? What are your Hobbies?


Second Question.
How would you describe yourself as?


A Deep Question.
The world is full of Mystery, Beauty, and Scary Things. How do you view the World and the People in it?

Instead of being a human, you were an animal instead. What kind of animal do you see yourself as? Or which animal represents you the best?

What do you think makes you special? What makes you different from others?


Someone who's jealous of you, whom is your friend, has started to whisper and gossip about you. There maybe rumors that may give you a bad reputation and misunderstandings between you and people.
How do you handle the situation?


Ok. Some of your teammates are eating lunch at a table. Clint says something that Thor didn't understand. Steve raises his hand, finger pointed and blurts out, " I understood that reference." He looks around awkwardly as everyone stares at him.
What do you say or think?


The world is full of places to go and explore. As well as places to Live.
Where do you see yourself living at?

What do you think you have to work on? Personality wise?
 What kind of outfit are you most likely to wear?
 What kind of books do you enjoy reading?

It's morning and you turn on the T.V and switch to the news, only to see them to be talking about the Weather Forecast. They say that it will be windy and there will be some rain later on in the day. You sauntered towards the window, peaked out and took a glimpse at the sky. The vast blue above was cloudless; the colors from the sun danced and reflected across the sky. You'll be gone for the rest of the day.
What do you do? Listen to the forecast and take an umbrella ? Or do you trust your better judgment and leave it at home? Thinking it won't rain?

 What don't you like about people?

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