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One Direction; Dating Game!
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Me: Let's play; the Dating Gameeeeeeeeeeeee! We had 5 undercover lad's trying to steal your heart, but the real question is, Which one will? But the REAL real question now is.... are Ya Ready? 
Me: Okay, so you have just come face-to-face with Y/N for the first time ever! How do you approach her?
Me: Nice answer, lads! Okay, so you and Y/N have been becoming great friends and you finally ask her out on a date. Where will you be taking her on this first date?
Me: Awww, how sweet! Next question; You and Y/N have officially been dating for a year and it was your anniversary, what do you plan for the big day?
Me: Okay, it's time to propose to Y/N! How do you plan on doing it?
Me: Okay the results are in! Let's just let fate take it form here.... 
Me: Thanks for taking yet another one of my quizzes! Comment please.. if you want; I'm not gonna force you to!
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