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How long would you survive in the walking dead?
Quiz published November 25, 2012 · 5,438 takers
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You notice the new epidemic, your house, or where ever you call home is now uninhabitable where would you go for shelter?
You form a group with some of your family and some strangers, your brother that you are very close with is bitten, what would you do?
One of your group members begins to go crazy and threatens the group, you?
You are doing a dangerous mission for food to feed your group, suddenly one of your group members is in danger, you can save them or get the food, you would?
You are out in search of supplies, suddenly a car alarm near you starts to go off what would you do?
There comes a point where zombies have your mother and the medical person of the group, you can save one, who?
Another, not so friendly group finds your group, they try to raid your camp for food and supplies, you?
You stumble across a car filled with supplies, it looks like someone stills owns it, you?
Your group is running out of food, you must hand out the food to the most vital people, you have three peices of food, which put of these people would get some? Mom, doctor, teenage guy, teenage girl, young child, yourself, the mechanic, other kid, old man, dad
 I know i know, follow, heart, and comment? I would appreciate it a lot, thanks!

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