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Have a chat with One Direction!(:
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Me: So, are you ready to meet the boys?
Me: And here they are! Boys, say hello! *smiles*
One Direction: Hello love!
Louis: Hey babe! What's your name?
Harry: Well that's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. *winks*
Niall: So how are you, love? *smiles*
Liam: So do you listen to any of our music?
Zayn: What are your favorite songs from the albums?
Liam: Well boys, it looks like we have to go to an interview *sighs*
Louis: It was lovely talking to you!
Zayn: Yeah, we should keep in touch *smiles*
Niall: We could all grab a bite to eat sometime!
Harry: Or see a movie... But either way it was nice to meet you! see you soon! 
Me: Well would you like to see your results?
(Let fate decide)
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