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How would you last on a date with Niall Horan?
Quiz published December 3, 2012 · 9,694 takers
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In this story. The top is going to show you what is happening, all you have to do is choose what you would do in that situation. Good luck!
It's Saturday morning and your waiting for Niall to pick you up. Ever since you won that radio contest for the date you haven't been able to sleep. Suddenly you look out the window and you see a long black limo pull up. A man dressed in a suit comes to escort you. The door opens and you see Niall. **What do you do?**
You then sit in the limo on the seats facing Niall. "So what's your name again?" he smiled. "______" you say smiling. Then he says "Why are you sitting way over there, come sit beside me!" ;) He began to smirk. **So you?**
You pull up at the diner and walk in while he holds your hand. You begin to pull out your chair to sit and your table, but Niall flys in and pulls the chair out for you. You smile and you begin to order. **What do you order?**
The night ends and you and him are in the limo going back to your house. The song on the radio ends and its really quite. **So you?**

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