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What do the BLEACH characters think of you? (another girls o
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Personally, I don't think there is any point for me to ask you your favorite color. Do you agree?
If you thought it is a waste of time, too bad. what IZ your FAVRIT CULER?
Favorite character(s) out of these?(ulquiorra:)this question is trash. (me:)SHUT UP!
roleplay time!
Hmm... something simple... Ok. So you see a hollow. What do ya doo?
-End of RP- Okay, moving on! Rangiku, you choose a question! Rangiku: Do you like sake?(me: best.question.ever!!!!!!!)
How you likin mah quizzz?
This is a personality quiz, so, how do others describe you?

is there a creepy hollow inside you?(ichigo:) i can guess where you came up with that. (me:) heh heh...

 last question! Why did you take this quiz?
 I lied, this is the last question! How do you feel about that?

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