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How long would you last in a zombie apocalypse?
Knowledge Quiz published December 12, 2012 · 1,705 takers
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What would you use as a projectile weapon?
What would you use as a melee weapon?
Who would you team up with?
You find a nice machine gun sitting on the back of a really large and dangerous looking zombie, What do you do?
You are heading towards a mall and are surprised you don't see many zombies. Until you turn around a corner and see about 10 zombies clawing at a car with a man in it. The zombies don't notice you, but the man does. He begs for your help. What do you do?
You stumble upon a super market with every entrance guarded by thugs, you approach them and they warn you to get back. What do you do?
You notice a man crawling along the street, He doesn't seem to be infected, but it looks like he's been bitten, what do you do?
You hear a radio start to give off a static sound, you put your ear close to the radio, and hear a man saying that he's landing a helicopter on the top of a hospital only 20 miles from you, He tells you that he'll be there in 12 hours from now, You know that the way to the hospital is overrun with zombies, as well as the hospital itself. What do you do?
You notice a man fixing a car in a nearby garage, the zombies don't go anywhere near there because the noise irritates them. He says he'll let you use the car anytime if you go and find him some old car parts from broken down cars, But the only broken cars are near the hospital (Which is totally overrun with zombies) The car is a big van with spikes on the front and sides. And seems to be in good condition (But doesn't turn on) What do you do?
 You find yourself out of food and near starving, There is a supermarket that hasn't been looted about 5 miles from you, You know that the market is overrun with zombies, what do you do?

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