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Which CreepyPasta would you date
Quiz published December 28, 2012 · updated March 8, 2013 · 9,831 takers
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Me:Heyo^w^The name's Lizzie

Me:Jeffy your turn
Jeff:Whatevz, so what's your favorite color


Me:OHH Slendy~
SlanderMan:Yes my little proxy
Me:Question away
SlanderMan:Whats your favorite item


Me:Ask a good question        
Jack:Who do really want?
Me:Thats okay
Jack:I'll eat your kidneys
Me:pwease no

Masky:What do you do in your free time
Me:Hey ,how did you know it was your turn
Masky:..*tackles me*
Hoodie:what song is yours

Me:Was it good?
Masky:Hey,will you comment,& follow?


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