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Are you An Elderscrolls Lore master?
Knowledge Quiz published January 16, 2013 · 2,629 takers
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When did the first Era begin?
Which City in Skyrim Was Almost Destroyed After the Red Mountain Eruption?
In the Time of Skyrim who is the only surviving member of the Tribunal?
Who is The Only Elf That Ysgramor is said to have Respected?
The Final battle of the War of Ehnfoy was fought between which two Gods?
Who is the Most Powerful Living Mage?
What are the Only Remnants of Lorkhan Left on Nirn?
What is the Currency in Tamriel?
Where are Redguards Native too.
 Who forged the Third Empire.

Which Four Elven Races are almost Extinct?
(disregarding mutations)

 Which of the Deadric Princess are Not Evil?

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