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Sleepover with Union J
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Union J invited YOU to have a sleepover with them.

*There's a knock at  your door, and Union J is at your doorstep*
George: Hey
Jaymi: Hi!
Josh: Hello!
JJ: Hey love!

George: You wanna watch a movie?
Josh: Hey (y/n) do you wanna sit with me? *winks*
Jaymi: No (y/n) is going to sit with me. Right (y/n)?

*After the movie*
JJ: So... What shall we do now? Any ideas?

JJ: Guess what guys!? I made some popcorn! Who wants some?

George: *yawns* I'm getting tired.
JJ: Yeah me too.
Josh: Same here.
Jaymi: *sings* I'm wide awake!


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