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Your conversation with Cameron Boyce 2
Quiz published February 17, 2013 · updated June 1, 2013 · 13,513 takers
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Hey hey hey! It's Jaychelle! Is you OK, is you good coz i want to know (yes I love Glozell!)
(If you have done yoour conversation with Cameron Boyce 1:

Your conversation with Cameron Boyce)
Anyway, this is what happened: You have come back after a full year
What were your results last time? BE HONEST coz people can change
Me: Cameron there's someone here to see you!
Cameron: What now
Me: Just get in here
Cameron: (Walking in) Fine. But it better be importa... (freezes)
Y/N? Is that really you?
Cameron: I can't believe it's been a year! So what's been going on in the 12 months?
Me: (looking straight at you) Anything you do don't ask him what's been happening!
You: Will I get a life story?
Me & Cameron: YES!
Cameron: Honest opinion, should I grow my hair back?
Me: It had to be about you didn't it!
Cameron: Hey, it takes time to look this good
Me: You can say that again
Me: You had better questions last year, c'mon lets heard a good one!
Cameron: I don't know if you were to have a baby girl what would you call her and why?
Me: That was actually quite a good question Cam
Cameron: Why thank you
Voice: Cameron it's time for your photo-shoot!
Cameron: Aw not fair!  Can I just have another minute?
Voice: One minute Cameron.
Me: So anything you wanna say to Y/N?
Cameron: Well yes. I've enjoyed meeting you for the first time in a year and I hope we can meet up again. But this time for definite!

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