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What kind of person should you date?
Quiz published November 1, 2008 · 5,452 takers
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When a situation comes up I tend to let someone else handle it?
I need to have someone in my life to feel happy and complete?
You let past relationships effect your current ones?
If my girlfriend/boyfright was talking to a girl/boy and I walked in on the middle of the conversation, but the person he was talking to he seemed to be a little more friendly with than normal I would...?
You boyfriend/girlfriend went to the bar with some of his/her friends, you tried calling and the phone went right to her voice mail, you would....
You go up to your boyfriend/girlfriend and tell them you want to go out to dinner, you want pizza, they want french. What would you do?
Your going to a movie you want to see picture A and your partner wants to see picture B, what would you do.
If you have to choose what kind of person do you think you would be good with.
You have to be in control of every situation?

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