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What does Rainbow dash think of you?
Quiz published February 19, 2013 · 3,631 takers
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Pretend I, Pinkie Pie Promise, suddenly turned into rainbow dash! ..... *20% cooler voice*
Hey! Im Rainbow dash, Welcome to Ponyville, Want me to show Ya round?

WELLLL... first up!this is my friend twilight sparkle she is an egghead so her words might confuse you sometimes, I know it does me!

Hello, Im twilight sparkle and I am a alicorn that lives in ponyville. Princess Celestia Corinated me A couple of days ago! It was A beau-

Okay! Twilight thanks for that(almost) lecture on your whole life.......but i think *your name here* wants to see others aswell! bye!!

Bye rainbow....
Here is one of my bestest friends! Pinkie Pie, she always has something to do or something to sing!

HII!!OMGOSHim pinkie pie ofcourse you know that, well dahie did just tell you i mean DUHH like whatever pinkie right? anyway you must be new here because i have NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER seen you around ponyville! which must mean your new because i know everypony around here: applejack, rarity, me, rainbow, twilight, fluttershy, mrs cake, mr cake, poundcake, powderc- HUUHHH! did you know the cakes had a baby, they are soooooo super duper cute!!!here look! this is po-

PINKIE!!!!! thanks for the intro, but i wanna show our new friend tofluttershy and other ponies too!

k Dashie, BAIII!!!
* BANG BANG BANG* heyyo fluttershy! you home?

Oh my... hello rainbow....

Hi this is my new friend *your name here* Fluttershy 

Fluttershy! dont be so....shy.... this guy aint gonna hurt you!
(gosh your adorable)

Well i gotta get back in and feed...uh angel YEAH! i mean.. if thats ok with you..i mean..

Ok, Bye Flutts!
This is AJ one of the coolest fillies around!

* hoof
Bump *

Howdy partner! what are yall doin round these parts, shouldnt you be helpin me buck apples rainbow?

WHAAAATTT? nooooo!!!! that was... rarity! yeah rarity saidshewasgonnadoitandyouknowwhatwhydontwegoseebye!

Fine! bye rainbow!
This is rarity...she yeah.. CHAT IT UHP!

HELLO DARLING! well dont you look fabulouse today! why dont we take a little look at that piece of your mane *Unicorn magic brings every styling product in the bouteque*

nonononono rarity! this filly's gotta get home! bye!!!

If you must! i bid you adue my darling pony!

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