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Survey published February 21, 2013 · 33 takers
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This is not the first question, it is a simple explanation and some rules. This is over everyone's own opinion not what is right or wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and not one person in the world has the right to judge. Your explanation of why you chose the answer you chose is appreciated in the comment box after the quiz but not required. I do not tolerate people arguing with others on what they believe is right or wrong in the comments. Please be fair and respect others opinions even though they are not yours.
1st question: Do you believe that a non-forced abortion is acceptable?
Do you think Marijuana should be legal all over the U.S.?
Do you believe same-sex marriage should be legal all over the U.S.?
Do you stereotype? (Rephrased - if you label someone or give a clique a special name then you stereotype. So Tell the truth.)
Do you think of a reasonable reason why someone committed suicide before stereotyping, religion, courage, and they were stupid? (Rephrase: Do you think maybe someone had mental problems or a bad home life before all that stuff^^^?)
Have you ever bullied anyone or cyber-bullied(over electronic device)? Tell the truth.
Have you or anyone you know been bullied or cyber-bullied?
Are you racist against any other race or ethnicity?
 Are you prejudice against actions, religion, race, or appearance?
 Do you believe that the only religion that is right is your own?

Comments on why you believe yes or no is appreciated. Everyone is entitled to there opinion but no one is entitled to judge. I hope you enjoyed this survey. If you are having trouble with the following(suicide, bullying, cyber-bullying, abuse, depression, or addiction).. follow these links or call these numbers. There is help out there and people willing to help you. Many people do care and love you always remember that. And think of how big any impact you are and how people would react if you were gone. Many people have been in your situation. I've been in all of these situations.
(800) 786-2929
1 (855) 519 3589

And if your being abused call 911


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