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Talking With Slenderman and Jeff the Killer
Quiz published March 3, 2013 · 1,912 takers
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Slenderman: Welcome My Child. 
Jeff: Yeah yeah whatever. Why did you make me do this?
Slenderman: As punishment for not getting the things I wanted from the Human Realm... Now ask a question...
Jeff: Fine. Just to mess this up I'm going to ask the worst question ever. What's your favorite color?

Slenderman: I don't even see why that question is so bad...
Jeff: Your turn Slendy...
Slenderman: Don't call me that.
Jeff: Too late
Slenderman: Have you heard of me or Jeff?

Slenderman: I'm out of questions now...
Jeff: Of course you are! Uh....Whats your favorite band out of these?

Jeff: Ask them how old they are or something. Role Play. I don't care! Just do SOMETHING
Slenderman: Do you have a favorite food?
Jeff: Well...It's something

Jeff: Lets do a role play...
Slenderman: Okay. You're stuck in the dark woods and--
Jeff: Ah Hell no. I'm coming up with the role play!
Slenderman: Fine.
Jeff: You're at a birthday party when you get a feeling. What does this feeling make you want to do?

Slenderman: Now...Role play over... That sucked.
Jeff: Shut up... Now, will you like and follow? *Sharpens Knife*
Slenderman: It doesn't matter. Leave Y/N alone.


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