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Is your Naruto OC a Mary Sue?
Quiz published March 14, 2013 · updated May 20, 2013 · 1,675 takers
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Does your OC have Rainbow, Bleu, Purple, Orange, or Green hair?
Is your OC stronger then her crush?
Is your OC stronger then the Akatsuki/Sasuke/Orochimaru/The Kage?
How many guys like your OC?
Does your character have a really powerful kekkai genkai? (Sharingan, Rennin'gan, something you made up....)
Is your OC smarter then Shikamaru?
Is your character immortal without being a Jashinist?
Is your OC a Angel/Devil/Unicornn/God/Vampire/Witch/Werewolf? You get the point, is she anything mythological?
Does she manage to turn an evil character good?
 Do evil characters ever act out of character around your OC?
 Has your character ever lost a fight?
 Does your OC have any weaknesses or fears? (Genjuitsu, Water, Hot Guys, Hot Girls, Bugs)
 Does your OC get kidnapped sometime during the story? Who comes to recue her?
 Can your character fly?
 If your OC did something bad, would the Kager/Leader not punish her as much as thye would with other characters?

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