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What is your Nen Type? (Hunter x Hunter)
Quiz published March 21, 2013 · updated April 10, 2013 · 638 takers
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Me: Gon! You're first! 
Gon: Huh? What will I do?
Me: Ask a question.
Gon: Oh. What weapon would you like to use in combat?
Me: -_-"


Me: Next, Killua!!
Killua: Yes, it's my turn! *Ahem* What kind of attacks do you like?


Me: Kurapika? Are you there?
Kurapika: Hm? Yeah!! Can I ask a question?
Me: Sure!! [That was what I was going to ask you..] ^_^"
Kurapika: What color best represents you? ;)


Me: *sigh* I have no choice but to ask Leorio.. -_- Leorio! can you ask a question?
Leorio: Okay. How do you approach a situation/problem?

Me: ]This time, I'll be the one to ask. If you will do the water divination test, what would you like mostly to happen? :3

Me: That's it for now! Bye!! By the way, can you rate this quiz?

Killua and Gon: *pops out of nowhere* Last but not the least, which would you like to get? :33

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