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7 minutes in Heaven with the CreepyPasta
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heeyy sexy ladies!!!
I hope you know this is going to be mostly role play through this quiz K? I will be being helped by some friends though...
ME: Slendy you can go first.
Slendy: Sure thing Waid!... I invite you to my house for a sleepover, what do you do?
ME: Hoodie... you can add something.
Hoodie: K. When you get to Slendy's house what's the first thing you do?
ME: Masky, baby, Anything to add?
Masky: Sure... I ask what would you like to eat... what do u say?
BEN: Yeah... We play video games and I win... what do you do?
ME: Jeff, anything else for the last question?
Jeff: Yeah we end up playing 7 Minutes in Heven... Who do you want?
FREEBEE!!! .................... Bye!

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