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Which Black Butler guy is right for you? (with RP) UNDER CON
Quiz published March 24, 2013 · 3,469 takers
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The dreaded question! *Hides behind Sebastian* 

Whais youfavoritcolor?

Ciel: If you don't mind, I would like to ask the next question 
Me: Well if you want to, but I was going to -- 
Ciel: How do you spend your leisure time? 

Me: Now as I was saying--

Grell: OOOOHHHH!!!! LET ME TRY A QUESTION! Please, it looks fun!

Me: If you must.   But I still need to --

Grell: What do you think of me? 


Me: Finally! now I can start the --

Undertaker: Heeheee! Oh, Sabrina?


Undertaker: No need to get snippy, I just want to ask a question.

Me:  *Sighs* Ok, but then it's my turn.

Undertaker: Who do you fancy? 


Me: Ok so now time for some RP!!!!!

(answers do affect results)

You are walking down the street when you suddenly hear the footsteps of somebody behind you. They sound like they are trying to sync the sound of their footsteps to yours, but you're not quit sure. 

Whatever you chose, the footsteps get louder and you turn around to see a figure running straight at you!You start to run away, but he tackles you before you could get away. Before you could do anything however, he grabs your wrists and says "A person fitting your description was seen fleeing from a store that was robbed a few moments ago. I am afraid that I will have to take you in for questioning,"

What would you do/say?


New RP!

Sebastian sees you on the street, and offers you a job at the Phantomhive's! You are currently unemployed with no home of your own, though you usually spend your nights at one of your friends' house. Do you...


End of RP!

(does not effect result)


What would be your ideal date?

(The date here will be the date described in your overall results.)

 It's getting late and I am running out of question Ideas, so I will end it here. Will you follow me? Comment? Click on that little heart?
 Sorry I just remembered, one last question; Do you like cats?

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