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Do you know Mindless Behavior?
Knowledge Quiz published March 28, 2013 · 463 takers
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Who's most embarrassing moment was when he was talking to a girl, his friend came and pants him?
Who's embarrassing moment was someone put a banana peel behind him so he could slip behind him after he was finished talking to a girl?
Who's embarrassing moment was he sent a message to his mom instead of his best friend?
Who's birthday is December 26th (Boxing Day)?
Who's favorite color is red?
Who playfully stabbed Roc Royal with a fork?
Who is the freaky one of the group?
Who's favorite move is the Moonwalk?
Who is the shy one of the group?
 If you know me, who is my favorite MB member? I'll just tell you, it's Prodigy so just pick him. (This will not affect your answer!)

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