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7 minutes in emo heaven (gals only! hot guys, semi-long resu
Story published November 25, 2008 · 2 pages · 6,002 readers · 16,905 reads
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"uhh... eyeliner"
derek stands up.
you think,"why me?"
derek is your ex boyfriend. you pretty much hate each other now.
i walk you to the closet and whisper to you,"good luck" because i knew about you two.
"well isn't this just great?" derek says sarcastically.
"you aren't the only one who's unhappy," you quickly retaliate.
he starts screaming at you,"what did i ever do to you?! why the hell did you ever break up with me?"
you scream back,"you idiot! you cheated on me with that slut veronica!"
he is silent.
he says,"no i didn't"
"that's what everyone else told me," you say.
"you can't always believe what everyone else says. we're in high school. rumors happen, bad ones at that. i never slept with her, i mean hell, i've never slept with anyone,"he tells you.
somehow, you know he is telling the truth. 
you hug him and kiss him on the cheek. 
i call time.
you both walk out of the closet and the room is silent. you sit next to each other and hold hands the rest of the night.
the next day you make up and end up going back out.