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10 Minutes in Heaven -Rise of the Guardians-
Quiz published March 31, 2013 · updated December 8, 2013 · 31,891 takers
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 It tis the night before Christmas and I am tucked in my bed, waiting for the joys of the morning to uncover. I was just about to drift off until something had grabbed my attention, I was thinking it was.....


But it wasn't who I thought, out of the shadows came North.

'North, long time no see my friend.' I said to him

'Argh, (Y/N), it's been too long.' he says, greeting me with a hug, making it hard for me to breath

'North, I can't breath.' I managed to say

'Argh yes, sorry. Get dressed my friend, your coming to my Christmas Party, everyone will be there.'

'Really? Thanks North!' I said hugging with the same force he did with me and ran into the bathroom to get dressed. I put on.....


As I came out, North was nosing around looking at photos,  at the toys on my shelves and anything he could nose around in.

'Do you mind?' I asked crossing your arms and tsk-tsking him

'Right, sorry, that's the toy I gave you for 2009's Christmas right?' he asked holding a....


'It sure was, is it possible we can go now, I'm really excited!' I asked, happy thinking about the thought of that Christmas in 2009.

'Hold on tight than my dear.' he said throwing a snow globe to the floor sucking me in and North Jumping in later.

I landed feet first surprisingly, running out of the way incase north would land on me.

'Wow, it's cooler than I remember!' I said, totally awe struck with the decorations, the yeti's were all wearing raindeer antlers or Santa hats, since it was only hours before Christmas.

'I'll take you to our waiting room while we get everything set up.' north said to me, putting his arm around me and pushing me towards a room.
once I was in, I heard a clicking sound behind me, obviously North locking the door. 

'Well I hate to have second thoughts about this.' I said out loud making it clear I wasn't alone in the room, Jack, Bunny was laughing and Sandy was giggling silently. 

'(Y/N), you came.' Tooth said coming up to me, opening my mouth and having a look.

'Good girl you have been flossing.'

'Tooth, fingers out of mouth.' Bunny smirked at me making tooth back away.

For the rest of the time waiting for North I hung around with.....


Around 10 minutes later, North came in with two sacks.

'Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas.' he said before smashing down one of the sacks on the table

We all sat down on the two three sister chairs surrounding the table. Jack, being jack opened the sack before North could say anything.

'North, you shouldn't have.' Jack said opening the bag and looking in.

'Bunny, Tooth, Me, Sandy.... And (Y/N)' Jack said pulling out the gifts and passing them out.

I let everyone open their gifts first, Bunny got a new and improved pair of Boomerangs. Tooth got a bracelet with teeth on it, and Jack got a pair of blue canvas shoes which I must say I was jealous of.

'What are you trying to say North? I need shoes?' 

'It wouldn't hurt Jack.' I replied laughing.

'  Hurry up and open yours would ya?' he replied, not finding a suitable comeback 

Once I opened it, it was everything  I could dream of, it was...


'Everyone Happy with gifts?' North asked

We all nodded and said yes, happily trying out our new gifts.

'Now we play game, it's called, 7 minutes in heaven however it will be 10 minutes for us.'

'WHAT!' we all yelled in horror.

'Come on mate, you must be pulling my leg, we arn't going to paticipate.' Bunny said

'Well no im not kidding and you have no choice.' North replied, clicking his fingers.
Before we knew it, everyone apart from Tooth, North and I got shoved into sacks from the yeti's and throwing them into a room.


'(Y/N), your first. Pick something from the bag, and no looking, they are all wooden carve outs.' North replied ignoring my actions earlier

With no choices left, I slowly and steadily put my hand in and grabbed the.....


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