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Rise of the Guardians 7 Minutes in Heaven
Quiz published April 4, 2013 · updated April 4, 2013 · 11,506 takers
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Hey! It's me, and today I've brought some friends with me. You'll meet them later. So, ready to begin?

Jack: Hey! Is it time for us to go yet?
Me: Well, *death glare* now it is.
Jack: Oh...I ruined it, didn't I? Whatever, I'll ask my question now. Ok, what's your weapon of choice?

Pitch: My turn....

What side do you think you'd be on?
Me: Classic, Pitch. You can do better.
North: LET INSTINCT DECIDE!!!!!!! Hohohohoho....good luck.

Bunnymund: So..... you've just been instated as the new Guardian.
What's at your center?


Alright, I'm back. They've gotta leave now, so did you enjoy the time with my friends the Guardians?

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