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What do the creepypasta monsters think of you?
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Me: 'ELLO! Well today we'll be chilling with the creepypastas and later you'll find out what they think 'bout you
Flare: Really? You're starting a quiz like that?
Me: Shut up Flare...
Jeff: Hey
Jane: Hi
Slenderman: Greetings
Grinny: Hello
BEN: What up?


Me: Well then um?
Jeff: What word appeals to you most.
Me: Uh yeah what he said.


Slenderman: favoured creepypasta?
Flare: Well obviously it's me.
Grinny: Flare, do get over yourself....
Flare: Nope!


Me: I'm dong fate now...
Flare: Why? This is only the fourth question and you've actually ran out of questions?
Me: Shut up!


Me: Where've BEN and Flare gone?
Slenderman: They went to play videogames during the last question...
Me: Slendy your in charge whilst I go get them...
Slenderman: *nods* 
Jane: Well...I don't care who's in charge I'm asking this question. Could you kill?
Grinny: Good question...


Me: *dragging Flare and Ben back*
Flare: Oh come on!
BEN: Yeah we were playing C.O.D
Me: Too bad you need to be here for the results... Anyway BYE!... Guys say bye.
Flare + Jane: *cough awkwardly*
Me: Alright guys and girls!
Everybody: *says there farewells*


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