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Do the creepypastas like you?
Quiz published April 17, 2013 · 38,713 takers
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So. I'm Avalon, Slenderman's proxy, and the creepypastas thought it would be cool to interview some of you normal people. so they'll be in in a minute, just a few tips: Don't mouth off, answer truthfully, and if Jeff breaks out the knife, run like hell. k? :3

Slenderman's up first. Master? Thank you Avalon. So child, How do you feel about Nature?


Alrighty then!! Looks like it's..... Jeff's turn. JEFF!!!! WHAT!? The mortals here. ask her a question. Alright, What's you favorite weapon?


So far so good. so. now it's BEN. YO BEN!!! MORTAL'S HERE!!! Cool! Sooo, do you like to play video games? Really bro? that's the best you could come up with? Shaddup.


Okay...eyeless jack's up. hiya Jack! Hey Avalon! this the mortal? cool. sooo, can I have your kidneys? What are you going to do when somone sticks a shive through you for that question?Ha ha, funny, you're not.

okay. that's everyone who could make it. now I have a role playing question for you. someone has just yelled at you for no good reason. how do you respond?

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