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Do you know your Creepypasta?
Knowledge Quiz published April 19, 2013 · 942 takers
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What is the name of Jeff's brother? 

Who is this? 

What is the name of Slender man's brother?


What game does BEN come out of?


Who eats kidneys, or other organs?


Who wants you to spread the word?

Who watches you while you sleep? (Not Jeff) And will drive you insane if you look into his eyes?
 Who is this? Sorry if it is being blurry.
What relationship do these two have?
 What did he steal from his first victim?
 Who will give you candy?
 Who is known for having missing body parts. 
 Who looks like Ash from Pokémon?
 Who is the third proxy of Slenderman? Masky, Hoodie, and . . . .
 I will update this soon!

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What do you hide behind your eyes?

This is a quiz i made. I was kind of depressed. Guys can take this quiz too, i guess, but it is more meant for girls. Sorry.

What type of boys are attracted to you...

Mmmmm... who would date you with out a doubt? Maybe... Bad boys, Sweat hearts, athletes, geeks, come on whit my test and found it ;)

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Well...take it! readd the title honey!

What do people see you as?

How do people see you?

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What do your eyes mean?

D00d read the answers thoroughly

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