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Which Greek God/Goddess is your parent?
Quiz published April 26, 2013 · 32,388 takers
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So, Welcome to my quiz, what is your favourite colour? :)
So, your friend has told someone about a secret you told them, and it was never supposed to be repeated. How do you react?
You made friends with this friend again after they apologize, but then they befriend your bully/enemy! What do you do.
Which of these call upon your attention
Let the fates decide
Who do does your friend/ best friend most remind you of out of these options?
So, say you saw someone being eaten by some three headed human, how would you react?
What do you think or like most about our planet Earth?
Favourite food out of these?
 Now, The god Janus asks you to make a choice of one of two doors, one will lead to certain death, and the other shall lead you to what you seek. Do you take the left or the right door?
 last of all: goodbye.

Kidding, It's not goodbye yet! Check out me and my friend's Percy Jackson Fan Fiction? :D
-The new heroes.
WILL effect result :)


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