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What do the Naruto Characters think of you! (girls)
Quiz published April 28, 2013 · updated 2 weeks ago · 12,736 takers
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Heya! I  am Shinobu the quiz maker, in this I am going to ask a few questions about your personality and stuff you like! Naruto characters will be assisting me whether they like it or not. *glares at the characters who try and run off* 
Anywho! onward with the quiz! 
first question, i want… Naruto to ask!! 
Naruto: Okay!! Who's your favorite guy character! (me: Nice…) I try!! 


Kakashi-San!! Say Sometin Pwease!! 
Kakashi: *sighs and snaps his book shut* Do you like to read? 
Me: Really Kakashi-san… -_-
Kakashi: yes. *goes back to reading*


Na-na-na na-na, I want…. Gaara! 
Gaara: Hmm? do you think i'm a monster?
Me: Still upset about that :( 
Gaara: It's a good question to ask… 
Me: Okay. 


Okay then! Tobi!! if your a good boy and ask a question! i will give you a Cookie! 
Tobi: YEAH!! i love cookies!! Is Tobi a good boy? 
Me: really Tobi?... i have to stop asking people to asks stuff, because this is what i get… -_-


RP Time!! Oh come on, i know deep down you like them. 
Shikamaru come up with a scenerio please…. *no answer* Shika? *zzz* oh bother, fine then, Neiji do it… 
Neiji: Fine.
Your walking home from a mission when your attacked by enemy ninja, what do you use first? 
Me: Thanks Neiji! 
Neiji: Just don't ask me again… *walks off*


Second RP! Sakura, will you be so kind as to give us a scenerio? 
Sakura: I guess ^-^ 
You find a mysterious note attachted to your door, it's a threat for you to stay away from your friends. How do you react? 


AHHH! running out of questions!! Okay, ummm… Lee! make another scenerio! 
Lee: Of Course!!! Your training hard when a kunai comes towards you from behind, are you fast enough to deflect it or does it hit you!
Me: wow, good job Lee! 


No more Rp, sorry if you enjoyed it but we have to move on.
Okay, Pain-Sama, your up next please. 
Pain: Hmm, Are you in the Akatsuki? 


Okay, from here on out! I shall be the question giver! the rest of the Naruto Cast will be included every now and then. 
thank you!! 
What village are you from? 


Okay, Okay. What is your ideal weather? 
Naruto: *Starts singing* Sunny with a high of seventy five!! When you took my heavy heart and made it light!!
Me: I wasnt asking you!! *chases him out of the room* 


What is your… favorite….*Hides behind Itachi who activates sharingan*…. Food! Ha!! You actually thought I was going to ask the colour question!! didnt you!!


Okay, so now, I am going to ask a few questions more then you can get to your results. dont worry only a few more! 
What kind of music do you like? 


Oh Oh Oh!! What is your favorite!!! 
COLOUR!!! Ha you thought I wouldnt do it! 


Ergh, okay, i'm running out of things to ask you… soooo… I shall ask, two, yes two more questions and your free for your results. 
Will you rate? comment? heart? it is okay if you don't but I would really, really, really, really *coughs* sorry stuck on repeat, I would really like it if you did. 

 Okay, was my quiz good? This is only my second quiz so far and I don't think I am that great.

Last question. thank you all for going all… wait… Sixteen questions!! sorry if it took so long! Sheesh! Thanks for staying with me so long!
Now, we will let Fate decide...


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