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What does Ciel Phantomhive think of you?
Quiz published April 30, 2013 · updated May 9, 2013 · 1,003 takers
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Me: I don't see why everyone hates this question so much....but what is your favirote color, out of these choices?

Me: alright you got any questions, Ciel, before we start the RP?

Ciel: umm, which person do you hate the most out of all these?

Me: Always has to be about hate........

Me: Finally, It's RP time!

Me: You and Ciel go for a walk, and find a small cat in need of help. What do you do?

Ciel: does it have to be a cat?

Me: yes, now be quiet!

Me: Sebastian, is planning a surprise for the master, what do you do to keep Ciel away?
Me: It's lunch time, and Sebastian is gone, so you are the only one home thats can actually cook. What do you make Ciel for lunch?
Me: Elizabeth, comes over without any worning, and wants to go buy clothes with you and Ciel. What do you do?
Me: You run down the hall, because you remebered you needed to give Ciel his hat before he left, but when you turn a sharp corner, you run into someone, and you both fall to the ground. You look up to see that you are in Ciel's arms, what do you do?
Me: Sebastian, asks you to wake up Ciel, How do you wake him up?
 Me: RP, time is over....

Me: Alright, final question, did you like my quiz?

Ciel: I didn't

Me: No one cares what you have to say!

Ciel: last time I checked this was a quiz about me, so I think my opinion is pretty important.

Me: *scoffs*

 Me: NOT, this is the last question, and it's quite important too. Which best describes you?

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