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What do the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit Characters Think of
Quiz published May 3, 2013 · 8,845 takers
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What's your favorit color?
Sorry that the answers aren't in colors or fonts. I couldn't put them in colors or fonts on my computer. :(
Your favorite place in Middle-Earth?
What LOTR/The Hobbit character are you in love with? (And don't just choose Legolas because you think he's cute)
It's time for Haldir to ask a question! *Pushes Haldir in*
Haldir: What? Tolandiel? Where did you put my bow an arrows?
Me: Haldir, just ask a question and you can have them back.
Haldir: *sigh* Fine. What is your favorite past-time activity?
Me: :/ Stop talking all old-timey. We're quizzing 21st century fans. Here's your-
Haldir: *Takes weapon and starts to leave* Are you still meeting me in Rivendell for Lord Elrond's gathering?
Me: *Sigh* Yes, Haldir!
Sorry about that... He means 'What's your favorite hobby?'
:) Now my sweetie can ask a question
Me: Legolas, I just have to pull you in for a few seconds to ask your fans a question.

Legolas: But I was talking to my father about-
Me: Just a few seconds!
Legolas: Alright. Wait, they can't hear us. Are they in that device you call a... computer? They can't be.
Me: *smiles* Honey, just ask a question and go back to talking to your father.
Legolas: Okay... Ladies, what weapon would you use in war? A bow and arrows, perhaps? *smug smile*
Me: *laughs* Stop trying to charm them to love elves! Now go! *Kisses his cheek and pushes him out*

And now Lindir will ask a question!
Lindir: I'll only do this if you take my job of assisting Lord Elrond for a day.
Me: Oh my god, fine.
Lindir: *Smiles* That's why you're my best friend. Anyway, fans, how would you like to spend your life?

Me: Aragorn, take a break from being kingly and ask a question.
Aragorn: Um... okay... What hair color do you have?
Me: Thanks Aragorn! Now get out.
Aragorn: *knits eyebrows*
Me: *laughs* But seriously you're done now. Bye!
Aragorn: *Mumbles to himself* I swear, sometimes she's the strangest person I know...
Me: Everybody loves Pippin, so... Pippin! Ask a-
Pippin: Do you like pulling pranks?
Me: I love Elrond so I'm gonna make him ask a question. Hold on while I go find him... *walks away*
Pippin: Hey everybody! She'll probably get mad at me for taking over without her noticing, so I'll at least ask another question. What color eyes do you have?
 Me: Pip-pin!
Pippin: *Laughs* You say that just like Merry does!
Me: *Mumbles* Trust a Took...
Anyways, here's Elrond to ask you your next question.

Elrond: How does this work? What am I to do?
Me: Why don't old Elves understand what to do? Ask a question!
Elrond: Okay.. What's your favorite constellation?
Me: Yes, because I'm sure most of them know constellations besides the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper. Please ask a modern question.
Elrond: Fine. Your favorite race of Middle-Earth?
Me: That's technically not modern but whatever...
 Me: *deep breath* Elves over-think things...
So now, we go to Boromir for our next question.

Boromir: I just ask a question? No catch?
Me: No catch.
Bormir: Okay. What's your favorite food?
 Me: And now, for our last question, Bilbo will be asking it.
Bilbo: Since the favorite food question was already asked, I guess I'll ask what your favorite type of music is.

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