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What do Creepy Pasta think of you?
Quiz published May 5, 2013 · 2,668 takers
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EllO! First Pasta thing  so here it goes! 
First question! starting with my favorite Slendy go on 
Ok, Who is your favorite?   
Next question to Jeff 
Ok.. Do you even like creepy pasta? 
Go on Ben.... 
Is this funny! I mean my quote ISNT funny....they made it into a meme....
rp time
Your playing see Herobrine.... what do you do? 
You just bought a new game..Pokemon start playing and you see that your in Red now...reaction?
Your sleeping and then suddenly wake up, you see the Rake at the foot of your bed, what do you do?
out of rp!
 So yea..end of quiz SAY BYE!
Slend.: *waving all arms*
Jeff: Bye.
Ben: BYE!

 So's it goin?...hahah before I knew about creepy pastas the first time I heard it I thought it was pasta with creepy faces
 OK yeah I know you will hate this question but can you comment/heart/etc? also if i am noobish forgive me ._. maybe you can give me tips  hahha

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