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What do the creepypastas think of you?
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Hello. Hm, I wonder why you took this quiz. Well, anyway, I will ask some questions, and the others will ask some. Got it?
So....uh...Jane can you ask this one?
Jane: Eh? Fine. Um, what's your favorite colour? *smiles*

Uh....Smile why don't you ask this one? :D
Smile: WOOF! Favorite character?

Sally: Weapon? *giggles*

Um...favorite saying?

Welp, Imma go for now. Gonna check on my red, you ask a question *leaves*
Pinkie........well...favorite word? Imma go.....check on meh meat :D
Slendy: Well, I guess I'll do the rest then...


Slendy: Hey Sir Blue, ask a question.
Sonic: You mean me?
Slendy: Indeed.
Sonic: Idk
Me: I'm back! Rp?
So we're driving to Slendy's house...

Everyone comes to greet you.

 What would you do with whoever you said you'd go with?
 What about sleeping?
 Well, we leave the house. End of RP

Jeff: Do you think I'm pretty?

 Jack: Do you like my mask?
Me: Yep, not a kidney question
Jack: Wait, I could have asked that?
Me: No
 Ben: If you found my game, would you play it?
 Maskey: Do you like masks?
 Hoody: Do you like the operator?
 Slenderman: What would you do if you saw me?
 Silver: Um... what do you think about me?
 Why did you join the dark side?
 Jack: What do you think of Jessica?
Me: I can ask my own question, thank you very much...
Jack: I already asked it, so deal with it
Me: *sigh* Okay.
 Jack: Well...
Jeff: The quiz is over
Me: I'm not gonna ask you to follow or any of dat garb, do what you want, and I'm not gonna be like: oh I kill you since _ is mine or whatever, because I'm not like that, but the point is, the quiz is over
Slendy: So see you next time....if there is a next time...
Ben: Yeah

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