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Black butler RP quiz (part 1)
Quiz published May 12, 2013 · 2,486 takers
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Are you ready to begin...... After you go there is no turning back........
*Story starts* One day you were given a invite to a ball, you dont know from who becouse it was not on the letter. All you know is they are going to wait at the ball for you to arrive. You have time left untill it starts so you go to buy a new ball gown. On the way you pass a creepy shop with coffins out side...

...A man is siting out side, he has long gray hair and a hat that covers his eyes...
"Good morning miss" he said with a smirk.
"Ummmm..... Good morning sir" you say politely trying to keep moveing.
The man grabs you and pulls you agenst him as you pass....


...You tell him to let go but he wont he holds hard.
"Come on miss tell me a joke miss, give me the gift of laughter" He said finily panting a little.
"Ummmm Sir please let me go I am in a hurry, really Sir..." you say trying not to panic.  
Then you here a child's voice be hind you.
"What are you doing? Its the middle of the day.... and this young lady she dose not seem to be enjoying her self at the moment!" he yells slightly disgusted.  
You turn to see a little boy with dark hair and a eye patch...


...The gray haired man lets go and goes about his business.
You quickly thank the boy, then continue on your way.
You walk nere a plant shop , you could not help your self to look at all the beautiful the flowers! You hear a voice to the left of you.
"Oh look Sebastian arn't they the most pretty roses! :D" Said a young man with girly pins in his blond hair and long eyelashes.
"We must find the perfect white rose for  young master." Sighed a tall, black haired, and most handsom man you have ever seen. From what the blond said his name is Sebastion.
But then Sebastion looks right at you...


"Miss, are you looking for something?" Asked sebastian
"No sir!" you replyed fast wile blushing. He smriks and turns about his day.
You quickly get a beautiful gown, than go to the ball. The days is about a end and you quickly wave down a carriage you really need to get a ride.
Once you are in you noice there is only one seat left. Its near a small blond kid and a tall man with glasses.
"Why must we travel with some poor people!" exclamed the boy.
He apered to be talking to the man with glasses who was not paying any mind to the boys annoying complaints .
You could not help giggle.
 Then the man turned to you with a heavy glare "What's so funny &*%$@#?
You turned away anger building up. That was rude! you thought to your self.

You get off the ride to see a person that looked happy to see you.....

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