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Are you SLOWLY going insane?
Quiz published May 13, 2013 · 9,999 takers
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Do you talk to yourself?
Do you hear sounds that no one else does, when they are in the same room with you?
Do you feel like your flesh is burning?
Do you think you are slowly becoming insane?
Have you ever screamed at people for no reason?
Have you ever eaten glass?
Have you ever purposely bit your arm just to watch it bleed?
How many times have you been sent to the hospital
 Are you insane?
 Do you laugh for no reason?
 Do you look really pale most days and almost red the next? 
 Do you hurt yourself, for fun like smack your head on the wall, or smash a guitar over it?
 Do you feel like you cannot breathe half of the time, for no reason at all?
 Do you have a tea party with yourself?
 Do you feel the need to claw at your skin?
 Do you like knives?
 Are you bored yet?
 Do you think you have time to answer the rest of the questions?

Me: Hi

Me: Hey what's up!!

Me: Nothin much!!


 Do you draw weird pictures like Death's of certain people you know [Parents, teachers, principal's, students... Etc]
 Are you hysterically laughing one minute and then stabbing things the next?

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