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Which Creepypasta Loves You?
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*Ahem* Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is *censored* ... But you can call me The Creator.
Alright, before we get on with the quiz, I'll be explaining what we'll be doing. I will bring up a creepypasta to ask a question, and you'll have to choose your answer. Please answer honestly though. :3

Okay, so now we'll start. Slendy, will you please stand up from your seat and come over to join us?
Slendy: Don't call me Slendy.
Creator: Alright, Slendy. Ask a question.
Slendy: *glares* Okay. How do you feel about forests?
Jeff: Gosh, that's so original, Slendy.
Slendy: Shaddap!


Alright, next! (That's you, Jeff)
Jeff: Ugh! -_- *gets up*
Creator: Okay, it's just a simple question. Ask away.
Jeff: Fine. Um... What's your weapon of choice?
Slendy: Now THAT  was so original!
Jeff: *takes out knife* What'd you say?
Creator: *isolates Slendy and Jeff*


Slendy and Jeff are on a time-out right now... Anyways, next!
BEN: Yayz! :D
Creator: Okay, go ahead and ask.
BEN: Do you like games?
Jeff: No.
Slendy: No one was asking you, idiot!
Jeff: Oh, shut the f-


'Kay... Masky, you're up next.
Masky: Okay. Um... Do you like cheesecakes? :3
Creator: -_- Leave it to you to ask..


*Sighs* I hate to say this, but it's Eyeless Jack's turn to ask...
Jack: :D Can I have your-
Jack: *continues sentence* -kidneys? :3
Masky: *knocks Jack out with a rock*


*pinches the bridge of nose* He can be irritating, but Laughing Jack is next..
L. Jack: :D Oh, me? How lovely!!
E. Jack: Just ask a question!
L. Jack: Okay~ If you came across an abandoned carnival filled with candy, would you go in it? Oh, and do you mind if I fill your guts with candy tonight? c:
Slendy: Well, that was the best question so far in my opinion.
Creator: *nods in agreement*


Next, Smile Doggy! :3
Smile: -3- Okay.
Creator: *pets him*
Smile: Stahp! ... So, do you like animals?
BEN: What a terrible question.
Slendy: Hey, yours wasn't a good question either, so keep quiet!
BEN: Look who's talking!
Creator: All of you, just SHUT UP! Let the quiz taker talk!

 Well, that's all. Let's hope you didn't die. :3 But before we continue, let's do a quick fate question.
 Okay, now let's say goodbye and see your results.

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