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Are you A Leader or a Follower?
Quiz published May 28, 2013 · 516 takers
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When playing in P.E. are you chosen as the team captain often?
When playing a game, do you like to give out the rules?
Do you tell your friends what to do a lot?
Are you the leader of your clic/group of friends at school?
Are you loud?
Are you called Bossy?
Did you notice that I didn't ask for your favorite color?
I'm too nice to ask you to comment, follow, or ♥. But just know that I follow back!
Let Fate Decide~~~~~
 Also, would you mine letting me know if I got your personality correct?
 Last Question: Pick a Number...(in german)...
 Okay, FOR REAL last question. Would you mind checking out a few of my stories?

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