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Jack Frost VS Marshall Lee
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We are gonna go with an easy one:
                                                                         Hot or Cold?


Who's sexier?
                                                                        Jack Frost or Marshall Lee

Rise of the Guardians or Adventure Time?
A gift from the moon or a red-sucking vampire?
Sparkly teeth or fangs?
Sneakers or bare foot?
White and Blue or Black and Red?
Staff or Axe-Bass?
Guardian or King?
 Red eyes or blue eyes?
 Good or Bad?

Random Question (will not effect your quiz):

Will you read my story 'We Got Married: Best of All Worlds'? 
It will include Jack/Rapunzel and Marshall/Fionna getting 'married'. You would follow them through the dating stage through their married life! I am officially making this story with my BFF, HunterKnight! it is still in progress but will hopefully be up in a couple days, please read it! follow me to get more updates ( they will be in my bio)! if you have any ideas on the story, email me, or comment on my page! 

xoxo hamfu


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