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Science Quiz (It's Only Easy)
Knowledge Quiz published June 1, 2013 · 131 takers
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What is the Closest Planet to the Sun ?
What is the name of the 2nd Biggest Planet in our Solar System ?
What is the Hottest Planet in our Solar System ?
What Planet is Famous for it's Big Spot on it ?
What Planet is Famous for the Beautiful Rings that surround it ?
Can Humans Breath normally in Space as they can on Earth ?
Is the Sun a Star or a Planet ?
Who was the First Person to walk on the Moon ?
What Planet is Known as the Red Planet ?
 What is the Name of the Force holding us to the Earth ?
 Have Human Beings ever set foot on Mars ?
 What is the Name of a Place that uses Telescopes and and Other Scientific Equipment to Research Space and Astronomy ?
 What is the name of NASA's Most Famous Space Telescope ?
 Earth is located in which Galaxy ?
 What is the name of the First Satellite sent into Space ?
 Ganymede is a moon located in which Planet ?
 What is the Name of Saturn's Largest Moon ?
 Olympus Mons is a Largest Volcanic Mountain on which Planet ?
 Does the Sun orbit the Earth ?
 Is the Planet Neptune bigger than Earth ?

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