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Would you rather(mindless behavior,One direction,nicki minaj
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Would you rather;
a=eat bananas for the rest of your life with ray ray
b=sleep on the ceiling with roc royal for the rest of your life
c=hurt people with princeton for the rest of your life(physically)
d=have sex with prod and have babies everyday with prodigy


Would you rather;
a=look at nicki minajs boobs for a whole 24 hours
b=look up roman dude(pls dont)
c=hug a pole
d=run into a pole


Would you rather;
a=run into a roman or greek god and make them angry
b= go into a haunted house with ray ray
c=have sex in a room full of spiders
d=hug a president


Would you rather;
a=play with riannah
b=tongue kiss a dog
c=make out in a movei theater and get caught
d=strip off your clothes in front of a three year old


Would you rather;
a=sexually abuse a child for five years
b=physically hurt a child for 15 years
c=go to jail for killing your husband
d=rape a teacher


Would you rather;
a=touch niles butt
b=touch prodigys abbs
c=cut off princetons hair
d=cut off roc royals head


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