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Who's Your Avengers Guy? ♥
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Me- Who's First? Bruce? My green scientist?
Bruce- Fine... errr? What's your favourite thing to do in your free time?
Me- Thank you Bruce.


Me- Okay, Mr Muscle Thor your turn! *Smiles cheekily at him*
Thor- Of course Maiden Amileigh!
Me- *Giggles* What's your Question?
Thor- What's the best things a person can have or be?
Me- Amazing question Thor ^-^


Me- Captain, your up.
Captain America- Hey Amileigh!
Me- Hey! ^-^
Captain America- Yeah, um where you from?


Me- Thanks Steve. Stark your turn!
Tony- Awesome. So what are you doing at a party normally?
 Me- I'm dancing everywhere. :D
Tony- Want to dance right now?
Me- Sure why not.


Me- Loki? You want to ask a question?
Loki- Whatever! Fine!
Thor- Don't talk to the young fine lady like that!!
Me- Aww thank you Thor! Loki ask! ^-^
Loki- Erugh, will you join my army? 


Me- Lastly Hawkeye!
Hawkeye- Okay, ermmm how do you fight like do you have a weapon or something?


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