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7 Minutes In Heaven... Creepypasta Style!
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Hello there! Welcome to my quiz!
Alrighty, I'm just going to go straight into it... Are YOU ready?:O


So... First question!
Do you like creepypasta?(:


Good, you're doing well!
Second question!
If you had to choose, what would be your weapon?


Third question!
Can Jack have your kidneys?
Jack: *Smiles widely* Please? Just one?


Fourth question!
Time for a little bit of RP! *cheers*
Jeff: Oh, no, not this... Every quiz has one of these, they suck.
Me: Jeff, please be quiet, or you won't get to play 7 minutes in heaven!
Jeff: *crosses arms* FINE!
Me: So... You're walking home late one night and you are pretty sure you're being followed, what do you do?


Fifth question!
... Yes, it's more RP!
Jeff: *facepalms*
Me: Alright, so you're just about to go to sleep, but you hear an extremely loud bang come from downstairs... What do you do?


Alrighty... Last question... *tear*
Slenderman: Thank goodness.
Jeff: This quiz sucked, Anna, make it better next time?
Me: *cries* Meanie.
Ben: Well, I liked it!
Jack: So did I... I ended up getting a kidney! *noms on kidney*
Me: Thank you very much! *smilesss*
What's your favourite food?(:


Yep, that's the end guys! Thanks for taking my quiz and I hope you like your answer!
-See the way I didn't ask what your favourite colour was? Hahaa, you're welcome;)


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