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The Death Note RP Quiz! -
Quiz published June 13, 2013 · 2,632 takers
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Hey fellow Death Note fans! Ready for some Role Play?
You are just a normal American teenager. You're eighteen, and just recently graduated from high school. You graduated at the top of your class, with all honors classes. (Yeah, you're kind of a genius, although you choose not to make a big deal out of it). You've been accepted to a very prestigious university in England, and are planning to start classes there in about a year. What are you studying?
You wake up and slowly drag yourself downstairs. You're leaving today. You're going to Japan to attend the funeral of your uncle, Raye Penber. His fiance Naomie hasn't been in contact since his death... you hope that she's okay. 
You decide to get ready for your flight. Which outfit do you wear, and what song do you listen to while getting ready?
*skipping the long and boring flight to Japan*

You arrive at the airport, stepping off of your plane with an exhausted yawn. You freeze, getting that creepy feeling like your being watched. You...
*Also skipping the two days spent catching up on sleep in your hotel room*

(This picture is the dress you're wearing to the funeral.)

You step out of your taxi at the cemetery where your uncle's funeral is being held. There are only a handful of other attendants: Your parents, who came out a few days before you, a few of Raye's close friends, and a handful of people that you don't recognize. You notice two boys in particular: one has light brown hair swept to one side, and brown eyes; the other has very messy black hair and black eyes rimmed with dark shadows.
After the funeral, you go over to the newly-filled grave. "I love you, Uncle Raye. I'll miss you. I promise you, that I will find whoever did this to you." You don't notice the boy with black hair staring curiously at you. You turned away from the grave, tears leaking from the corners of your eyes. You run from the grave, pushing past the other funeral-goers as tears begin to streak down your face. You gasp as you bump into something, landing on the ground with a yelp.
"Oh, excuse me. I'm sorry." A male voice speaks from above you. You feel a pair of hands grip your upper arms, gently pulling you back up to a standing position.
"Are you hurt?" The young man places his fingers under your chin, gently lifting your face to look up at him. "You're crying..."
"M-my... My uncle." You begin to sob uncontrollably. The boy gently wraps his arms around you, murmuring words of comfort.
"Raye Penber was your uncle?"
You nod, still sobbing. "I-I can't believe... that he's gone."
"Hey, it's okay." The boy hugs you. "By the way, I'm Light. Light Yagami. 'Light' is spelled with the character of moon, and 'Yagami' is spelled with the characters for 'God' and 'Night'. What's your name?"
"____ _____." You reply softly.
 You and Light become good friends. (You're staying in Japan for a little while, because you needed a break.) After you've known each other for about a week, he decides to introduce you to his friend Ryuzaki. Your thoughts?
 "So, it seems that you're quite brilliant, Miss ___." Ryuzaki speaks with a mouthful of cake.
You blush. "I just make good grades, that's all..."
"No need to be modest. In fact, I need to ask you something."
You look up quickly. "What is it?"
"I assume that you are familiar with the Kira situation?" 
You nod. That was the case your uncle was on. "Yes, of course."
"Well... would you like to join our investigation?"
 Well, that's it. This is my first RP, so sorry if it sucks. The results this time around are a "what they think of you" type thing. In part two, the results will be a story. ^-^

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