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7 minutes in heaven...emo style [Girls Only]
Story published May 17, 2009 · 3 pages · 7,337 readers · 27,296 reads
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You look to find a tall boy getting up. He sees you and quickly looks away, heading towards the closet. Nervously, you walk to the closet not knowing what wil happen. You've never met Nick so, you'r not sure what he will do. You go into the closet. He's already sitting there playing with his cell phone. Even closes the door and says "have fun". You roll you'r eyes. Then put them back to where Nick is. "Can we just get this over with?" Nick asks you rolling his eyes. You give him a dirty look, "Uhm, okay". He stands up, puts his hands on you'r head and heads for you'r neck. He starts kissing you'r neck up and down. Suddenly, you get excited. He starts rubbing you'r shoulders and you'r back. Both of you suddenly end up laying on the floor continuting this. Then, the door opens and Even pops in. Both of you stumble to you'r feet and walk out. "That was fun, mabey I'll see you again sometime" he says fixing his hair. "Yeah..mabey" you say. And see him walk back over to his girlfriend. You frown, knowing you two will never work. You get back on the floor, waiting for you'r turn...again.